Care Instructions

Sally Gordon Ceramics are oven, microwave, dishwasher and food-safe. All products are made from high quality materials, are durable and made to last. Observing the following care instructions will assist in prolonging the life of your ceramics.


Take care when handling your ceramics. Like most tableware, they can chip or break if dropped. Do not expose your products to a sudden change in temperature. This may result in ‘Thermal Shock’ and can cause your products to crack and/or break. 


To avoid Thermal Shock:


  • Products should be heated and cooled slowly.

  • Do not take dish straight from refrigerator or freezer and place in a hot oven. 

  • Place in a cool oven and allow dish to heat as the oven heats.

  • When taking dishes from a hot oven, do not sit on a cold or wet surface. 

  • Allow hot dishes to cool before placing in refrigerator or freezer.

  • Do not use on a stove top or open flame